This article was taken from Jeweller Magazine - you can read it on their website by clicking here.

World-first Australian rough sapphires auction a “big success”

Posted August 06, 2021, Jeweller Magazine

A new digital platform, the Australian Pink Diamond Exchange (APDX), has been launched to facilitate buying and selling of certified Argyle stones by the public.

Users can browse for pink diamonds as well as sell them using the secure platform, with all stones undergoing a rigorous authenticity check prior to listing.

Steve Der Bedrossian, managing director APDX, told Jeweller, “We have had many enquiries from members of the public looking to sell as well as buy certified Argyle pink diamonds, and they wanted to do so through a trusted, prestigious source.

“The APDX team has decades of experience working with Argyle pink diamonds, so we had the expertise to develop this platform and facilitate the process,” he explained.

APDX is designed as an ‘end-to-end’ sales channel, providing secure transport of the diamonds, full authentication, high-quality photography and video, and online marketing and promotion, as well as delivery to the buyer.

“We want to assist sellers to put their best foot forward,” Der Bedrossian said.

“It’s similar to the process of selling real estate – we ensure the certified Argyle pink diamond is promoted to potential buyers in the best possible way, across multiple online sales channels.”

Indeed, with the closure of the Argyle Mine in November 2020, speculation has abounded over the ‘secondary market’ for its pink diamonds – particularly for those who have purchased them as an investment, given prices have appreciated by an estimated 500 per cent over the past 20 years.

“Our platform assists retailers to educate their Argyle pink diamond customers on the most common question: exit strategy,” Der Bedrossian explained.

“APDX gives the consumer confidence that they have a platform to sell their stone in the future.”

Der Bedrossian says APDX is a world-first for the exclusive trading of certified Argyle pink diamonds, and is available to both local and international buyers and sellers.

All stones submitted for sale must be accompanied by Argyle certificates to ensure complete transparency and reliability.

Current diamonds listed on include stones from the 2020 and 2021 Argyle Tenders.

This article was taken from Jeweller Magazine - you can read it on their website by clicking here.