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New Australian sapphire jewellery range launched

Posted September 23, 2021, Jeweller Magazine

SAMS Group Australia has introduced a new range of branded Australian sapphire jewellery, Sapphire Dreams, to the market.

Sapphire Dreams includes a wide range of sapphire and sapphire-and-diamond jewellery set in 9 or 18-carat gold, as well as loose sapphires.“

“Sapphire Dreams pays tribute to the beauty of Australian sapphires, celebrating the art of craftsmanship and contemporary jewellery designs,” a SAMS Group Australia statement said.

“Proudly Australian owned and operated, we have more than 50 years of experience in luxury jewellery and working with Australian gemstones. All of our products are of impeccable quality, ethically sourced and expertly crafted.”

The brand aims to showcase the wide variety of colours of Australian sapphires, including the iconic teal shade, parti-colour, orange, and blue.

Steve der Bedrossian, CEO SAMS Group Australia, told Jeweller, “I love Australian products, and I always try to use unique materials that are sourced in Australia. The colours of Australian sapphires are amazing, and there was no brand around Australian sapphires, so I realised that it was something that I could create.

“Sapphire Dreams is the first of its kind and the only Australian jewellery brand that celebrates Australian sapphires and their breathtaking colour range, which is unlike anywhere else in the world.”

He added, “Many other brands use sapphires from elsewhere, including Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma [Myanmar], while we, on the other hand, wanted to honour the Australian provenance of these mesmerising gems.

“We have also created a unique certification and inscription process to verify the origin and authenticity of every sapphire.”

Each Sapphire Dreams gemstone bears an inscription on the girdle and is accompanied by a verified Sapphire Dreams certificate of origin, with Der Bedrossian saying, “We only supply and work with ethically-sourced Australian gems that are natural and origin-certified."

This article was taken from Jeweller Magazine - you can read it on their website by clicking here.